Friday, January 17, 2014

Four Suggestions and Methods to Overcome Shyness And Have Confidence

Are you shy? Do you have difficulty in public situations? At one point or another we have all went through situations where we have felt shy or awkward in situations. In this article I give some suggestions and techniques that might help you to overcome those situations. 

Getting over your shyness and gaining confidence can take some work, but the effort you put into it can help you to achieve greater successes in your life. You will get up in the morning feeling like you can take the world on and you will know that being shy will rob you of a better life.

The first technique to have confidence  is to get up in the morning and repeat the affirmation "I feel great" and say it like you mean it. Repeat this until its in your subconscious mind. Doing this keeps you from getting off to a bad start and it will elevate your mood so you feel better about your day. If you feel better in the morning you will have more confidence through out the day. 

The second suggestion is to look your best. I've mentioned this one before but it is very important. Just feeling like you look your best does wonders for your self esteem and naturally gives you confidence.

The third suggestion is to take risk daily. Taking on your fears and challenging yourself to new things is the best way to gain confidence. When you realize that there is nothing you can't do if you want to you will be transformed by this simple technique.

The final suggestion is learn how to deal with rejection. It is not you that is being rejected from a person. It's just that they have an ideal of whats right for them. You have an idea of whats right for you don't you? Shouldn't other people have that same right? Don't take it personally when someone doesn't accept you the way you think they should/. They have things they like and dislike about people just the same way you do. .

When you practice these suggestions and techniques I guarantee you'll feel better about yourself .You confidence will begin to grow. And the shyness will go away just like it came to you, quietly. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How To Build Confidence

Confidence is one of those things that some people are born with and some have to work at it. If your anything like me you have to work at it. Since I have to work at it I thought I would share how I build confidence.

When I think of building of confidence I think of a baby starting to walk for the first time. Usually they will pull their self up with furniture then hold to that furniture until they are ready to walk on their own. Now that you are of an age to walk , do you even think about walking? I'm sure if you walk you are confident you can do it but it started as a baby practicing and learning to walk. If your not confident enough to walk up to a girl/boy and talk to him or her it is because you are like the baby holding onto the furniture. You might get told no a lot at first but after a while you will begin to be confident at going up to the opposite sex and it will no longer bother you like it did at first. So my first tip to build confidence would be practice and learn.

My next tip to build confidence would be to take care of your personal appearance. I know this one seems to obvious but it's honest. Always try to look your best, you never know who or what your going to run into. Buy yourself nice clothes you are worth it. If you can't afford nice clothes appreciate and  make the clothes you got look their best. Are you overweight? Well lose it. If you can't lose it, it's because you don't want it bad enough yet or you have an illness and need to be seen by a doctor. I guess what I am saying is if you don't like something about yourself change it, if you can't change it accept it because there is nothing you can do, so focus on your good traits.

This tip to build confidence might come as a little different to some but it works. To build confidence you should help others. Most of the time we our worst enemy. Our minds jibber jabber will tear us apart all day long if we listen to it. The best way to get out of that jibber jabber is by helping others out. When we help others out we tend to get out of own mind and we focus on others. When oir minds ain't telling us what bad person we are we tend to feel better about ourselves and naturally we become more self confident.

There is many more things you can do to build confidence but these few tips are good building blocks. If you use these you'll start gaining momentum and building confidence will start coming naturally. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

How To Gain Confidence When You Have Low Self Esteem.

If your like me you've probably have asked this question to yourself, "how do I gain confidence when I have low self esteem?" I had self esteem issues though out my young adult life like some do. I continued to have them through my mid to late 20's too until I reached out to other people in desperation then I realized what the problem was. It was me and my thoughts about me.

I told myself through  out my life "I am no good", "God hates me", "I,m ugly", "I am dumb". Maybe I did it as a way to try and motivate myself to do better but I think it caused me to have low self esteem more than anything. How can anyone who tells their self that on a daily basis have any kind of confidence? One of my buddies used to tell me "If you believe it, it's true to you". So if you have to convenience yourself that you are the worst of the worst, how do you un convince yourself so you can have more confidence.

 One thing I like to do is meditate. Eckart Tolle has a story in his book "The Power of Now" where he said "I hate myself". Then he questioned who is the I that hates himself (paraphrasing). Sometimes our minds work against us. Your mind will tell you many things, some which are poison to your confidence. What I do is meditate. As I meditate I start to hear and see my thoughts for what they are, thoughts. Those thoughts are not me, they are just thoughts. So the first part is to recognize your thoughts, and to realize they are not you, they are thoughts.

So now you realize your thoughts. Those thoughts or beliefs that your mind is feeding you, are they true?  In order to change your beliefs about something or yourself you must first question the belief. For example "I am ugly", is that a fact? How can you prove it? Just because no one in the room finds you attractive does that means it true? Is appearance subjective or objective? If it is subjective then its just an opinion not a fact. Keep questioning your beliefs because that is what they are about yourself, they are not facts.

Our thoughts is what causes our low self esteem. In order to get around those thoughts, we must first recognize them and then question them. It's like taking a piece of string from a shirt until the shirt becomes unraveled. Keep questioning your thoughts until you no longer see them as truth. Then you  will realize that you are not the worst of the worst. Once you realize that, you should start to gain confidence. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Why It's Important To Have Confidence

Just about all successes and attainments in your life originate from your ability to feel certain that you
could possibly accomplish the things you want to achieve. Confidence is the gateway to success into the life you would like to lead and also to the dreams which you yearn to live.

With confidence it's possible to boldly progress towards your ambitions and aspirations. With confidence you'll be able to stand up and handle life's demands and challenges. It's possible to tackle any hurdle and obstruction, and move forward to the next step of a journey to fulfilment and achievement.

One of the principle requirements to everything else you desire to do in your life's situation is confidence. Confidence is an indispensable component of your development, betterment, progress and success, both with a personal and pro level. With confidence you could possibly forge ahead to fulfil your potential and perform at your peak level.

Having confidence happens to be the crux that would allow you to achieve your true potential in whatever situation; within your relationships, your efforts or career, your finances and your self-image.

When you go through a insecurity, it will stop you from striving for what you would like. This feeling of uncertainty might be the reason behind many complications and hardships that block you from achieving goals in your life. It may be such as a large thorn that it will continually burst the bubble of desire.

There may most certainly be occasions when you have felt a level of confidence once you were engaged in an activity which you were good at; which can include driving a vehicle, by simply being a parent or fixing a flat tire. At the times you'd have displayed an extremely high level of certainty, that is a kind of confidence.

However, there may have been other circumstances where you might found that you felt less confident. On these occasions, you would certainly achieve a fraction of what is truly possible according to your needs. With determination and  mindful fulness you can gain confidence, you'll be able to develop the strength and fortitude to climb away from the depths of basically any circumstances, and quickly take advantage of the chances and successes that lay ahead of you.

In the same fashion you have learned to lack confidence, you may also discover how to have unlimited confidence. Plus the simplest and the most effective approach to kick-start the engines of your respective brain, is to know that confidence can be an acquired process; it can also be learned and formatted to suit all moments.

As the confidence increases, it's possible to have a front row seat in mastering many areas of your daily life. You will learn that you are increasingly more comfortable and guaranteed in multiple areas, including:
• Moving ahead in your job
• Starting your own business
• Embracing the risks of every day life
• Refusing to be held back by fear
• Creating Opportunities and Circumstances  instead of watching for them
• Smiling countless of times and enjoying life span
• Dramatically improving your health

Successful and dynamic people have gained mastery regarding how to feel confident  and assured. Whenever you develop and acquire  confidence skills, you, too, will feel and become someone different. You certainly will feel much more enthusiastic, motivated and determined in every attribute of your life.

After you boost your view  in the manner you think and feel on yourself, your beliefs and your actions will follow. You will definitely confidently overcome the difficulties that life thrusts upon you and you will manage all of them with new-found belief and faith in your capability to achieve goals in your life.

When you prove to be confident you abandon worry, hesitation and, at the same time, you side-step fear. The main focus here is on your whole being, every part of you; your thinking, the images on your mind, your emotions, and in the end your behaviour and to discover the actual outcomes in life.

Take into account that as you center on change, change does grow to happen. It has been fun, motivating and very rewarding to feel and figure out yourself growing and improving and achieving much more confident and effective day-by-day and week-by-week.

There is always great power in imagining that  to be successful your pursue greater confidence and goals. With awareness and mindfulness , it is achievable.  Your confidence can stretch beyond any measurable scale and further still, knowing no boundaries.

Just think what you are able to do in all the confidence that one could have!