Friday, January 17, 2014

Four Suggestions and Methods to Overcome Shyness And Have Confidence

Are you shy? Do you have difficulty in public situations? At one point or another we have all went through situations where we have felt shy or awkward in situations. In this article I give some suggestions and techniques that might help you to overcome those situations. 

Getting over your shyness and gaining confidence can take some work, but the effort you put into it can help you to achieve greater successes in your life. You will get up in the morning feeling like you can take the world on and you will know that being shy will rob you of a better life.

The first technique to have confidence  is to get up in the morning and repeat the affirmation "I feel great" and say it like you mean it. Repeat this until its in your subconscious mind. Doing this keeps you from getting off to a bad start and it will elevate your mood so you feel better about your day. If you feel better in the morning you will have more confidence through out the day. 

The second suggestion is to look your best. I've mentioned this one before but it is very important. Just feeling like you look your best does wonders for your self esteem and naturally gives you confidence.

The third suggestion is to take risk daily. Taking on your fears and challenging yourself to new things is the best way to gain confidence. When you realize that there is nothing you can't do if you want to you will be transformed by this simple technique.

The final suggestion is learn how to deal with rejection. It is not you that is being rejected from a person. It's just that they have an ideal of whats right for them. You have an idea of whats right for you don't you? Shouldn't other people have that same right? Don't take it personally when someone doesn't accept you the way you think they should/. They have things they like and dislike about people just the same way you do. .

When you practice these suggestions and techniques I guarantee you'll feel better about yourself .You confidence will begin to grow. And the shyness will go away just like it came to you, quietly. 

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