Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How To Build Confidence

Confidence is one of those things that some people are born with and some have to work at it. If your anything like me you have to work at it. Since I have to work at it I thought I would share how I build confidence.

When I think of building of confidence I think of a baby starting to walk for the first time. Usually they will pull their self up with furniture then hold to that furniture until they are ready to walk on their own. Now that you are of an age to walk , do you even think about walking? I'm sure if you walk you are confident you can do it but it started as a baby practicing and learning to walk. If your not confident enough to walk up to a girl/boy and talk to him or her it is because you are like the baby holding onto the furniture. You might get told no a lot at first but after a while you will begin to be confident at going up to the opposite sex and it will no longer bother you like it did at first. So my first tip to build confidence would be practice and learn.

My next tip to build confidence would be to take care of your personal appearance. I know this one seems to obvious but it's honest. Always try to look your best, you never know who or what your going to run into. Buy yourself nice clothes you are worth it. If you can't afford nice clothes appreciate and  make the clothes you got look their best. Are you overweight? Well lose it. If you can't lose it, it's because you don't want it bad enough yet or you have an illness and need to be seen by a doctor. I guess what I am saying is if you don't like something about yourself change it, if you can't change it accept it because there is nothing you can do, so focus on your good traits.

This tip to build confidence might come as a little different to some but it works. To build confidence you should help others. Most of the time we our worst enemy. Our minds jibber jabber will tear us apart all day long if we listen to it. The best way to get out of that jibber jabber is by helping others out. When we help others out we tend to get out of own mind and we focus on others. When oir minds ain't telling us what bad person we are we tend to feel better about ourselves and naturally we become more self confident.

There is many more things you can do to build confidence but these few tips are good building blocks. If you use these you'll start gaining momentum and building confidence will start coming naturally. 

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